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Carlos Bacca: An answer to Atletico striker conundrum?

Carlos Bacca: An answer to Atletico striker conundrum? First it was Diego Costa, then Gonzalo Higuain, then Mauro Icardi and  Diego Costa again and now Carlos Baca. After the Champions League final defeat, Diego Simeone’s statements of thinking about the future had seen many meanings implied. But the strongest among them was a signal to the Board to sign quality players. The ones who are proven, big-named and command a significant sum.Their search for a hitman to complement the prolific Antoine Griezmann has seen them linked to a host of names.

Carlos Bacca: An answer to Atletico’s striker conundrum?

After all the euphoria among the spanish press of resigning Diego Costa, Chelsea’s recent statements rebuffing the rumours of the Spanish striker’s sale have poured cold water on that prospect. Gonzalo Higuain’s release clause and Napoli president’s adamancy makes it unlikely that Higuain would make the switch. With Mauro Icardi lately being linked with Arsenal, Carlos Bacca is another name looking likely to arrive at Vicente Calderon.

Carlos Bacca: An answer to Atletico striker conundrum?

Carlos Bacca: An answer to Atletico striker conundrum?

A shining light amid the gloomy season for Rossoneri, Bacca is likely to command a smaller transfer fee than Icardi.Would his arrival be enough to satiate Diego Simeone’s hunger for more decisive goals is a question yet to be answered.

Europa League final : Decisiveness and Consistency

Carlos Bacca moved to San Siro only last summer. He was brought in with an aim to help the Milan giants break into the top three and secure next season’s Champions League matches. His return of 18 goals should have been enough for any team to achieve that aim in Serie A. However, the wretched performances from the rest of the team saw him languishing seventh, the same position they had achieved under the stewardship of Pipo Inzaghi.Having foregone the chance of playing in Champions League once with Sevilla, it’s unlikely that he will make that sacrifice again for AC Milan. A striker of his calibre deserves the chance to rub shoulders with Europe’s elite and Atletico Madrid are the right club for him to do so.For Atletico, he has the potential to become a smart buy. Still smarting from Jackson Martinez fiasco, the Rojiblancos would be slightly skeptical of Bacca. Turning 30 in September, he would not be a future investment but an apt fulfillment for Simeone’s demands of a quality striker of present. Having enjoyed a good spell with Sevilla, the Colombian has scored goals in La Liga so he would be no stranger to the league thereby easing the pressure on Griezmann’s shoulders and an upgrade on Fernando Torres who is likely to play a bit-part role in the coming season. Unlike Martinez, who arrived from Portugal, Simeone would have seen him from close quarters and would know more about his strengths and weaknesses. The other quality he brings is decisiveness. The penalties were cruel on the Atletico supporters but had Griezmann converted the penalty in the 51st minute, the scenes would have been very different. At the other end is Bacca, whose decisive strike was enough for Sevilla to be crowned Europa League winners in 2015.  Granted it is a second tier competition, the Europa league does have it’s share of tough opponents though. This year, Borussia Dortmund, Tottenham Hotspurs, Manchester United and Liverpool were some of the big names that failed to lift the crown at St. Jakob’s Park in Basel. His feat therefore cannot be dismissed as in any way as inferior.

Approaching Ban and a Striker of Thirty, No chance for failure.

Atletico’s planning is not solely confined to the present transfer window. Rather, the approaching two transfer window ban will be playing on the minds of the Atletico Board while plotting their summer moves. In Angel Correa, Luciano Vietto and Yannick Ferreira Carrasco, they have their fair share of young blood who would be expected to take the next step and fulfill the promise attached to their potentials. However, to expect them to make the jump in the upcoming season would be too much of an ask. The signing of Carlos Bacca therefore represents its own set of challenges. At thirty, he can’t fail at the club. Firstly, his resale value is unlikely to fetch the sum that Atleti recouped from Martinez’s sale. Secondly, it would leave only Torres and Griezmann as their main strikers. At 33, Torres will not be the fearsome forward that had come up their ranks to become their captain. And with Griezmann, it would be too much of an ask to lead them in all the three competitions they are eligible for.

His signing, if proven successful can help Simeone navigate a tough year and a half without any fresh signings.One thing that could really help El Cholo .

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COMPARISON BETWEEN BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL – Basketball and football are the most played sports globally. They are, played almost in every continent. Sometimes you can be torn between two or more games, you don’t know which one to choose as your favorite, this can be made easier if you knew the characteristics of each game and their qualities and then you get to choose the one with characteristics that favor you.



Place of the game

The main difference between football and basketball is where they are played, in most case football is considered an outdoor game while basketball is an indoor – sport with air-conditioned and room temperature. The football field is also larger than the basketball field.

How the game is played

The other difference is how the game is played and how the players interact with the ball, in football the players play by fumbling the ball whereas in basketball the players bounce the ball on the floor up and down repeatedly, in other words dribbling. In football, the main goal is to capture the territory of the opposing team in about ten-yard segment driving the ball to the opposing team’s end zone. In Position in Basketball, the main objective is to throw the ball in the basketball net of the opposing team. The more balls you throw into the opposing team’s basket, the more the score.

Style of play

In football, there is full contact among the players including collision and physical confrontations. In basketball no contact is allowed among the players, in the case of contact it is considered as a violation of  rules and can result in foul. This is the case when a player knocks down another player from opposing side on the floor.

Length of the game

The football game is played longer than basketball. Football is a sixty minute game at professional and college level, while in high school level it is played at forty-eight minutes. Basketball plays forty-eight minutes for the professional level, forty minutes for college level and thirty-two minutes for high school level. Both football and basketball have stoppages because of foul or penalties, timeout, and halftime.

Dress codes

The other difference The Finest Sports Equipment between the two teams is how their players dress, basketball players wear a vest as their uniform while football players wear long sleeved t-shirts and shorts.


Another difference between the two sports is how a player may be suspended from the game. The main reason why a player may be suspended from the game is due to the fouls they make. In football injuries is the main common reason for suspension,


These two teams despite the difference, they also have some similarities. They are both team sports, football is played in a team of eleven players while basketball is played in a team of five players. In both sports, they give an opportunity for replacement of another player in case of  tiredness or injury. They both use a ball even though they are not totally the same, the one for football is usually a sphere, light and usually black and white in color, it is also a bit hard. It’s mostly made of synthetic material or leather. A basketball is made of hard rubber and it’s not as light, reddish-brown is usually its color.

Sports: Is it Fun or Business? The best thing is that in almost every sport especially team sports like basketball and football, players are each given a chance to develop themselves physically. They also get to learn about self-discipline and teamwork as they engage with the others in the game. They are the most popular games around the globe


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Breaking down the Spanish challenge at the Euros

Breaking down the Spanish challenge at the Euros.  Euro 2016: Spain – The Spanish team poses a major challenge for the Euros and is one heck of a team to beat. The defending champions had a disastrous campaign at the world cup finals last year where they were humiliated 5-1 by Netherland (The same Netherlands who failed to qualify for the Euros this year). The campaign ended in Spain being eliminated from the group stages that certainly will not be the case in Euros cause of the easier seeding.

Breaking down the Spanish challenge at the Euros

Breaking down the Spanish challenge at the Euros

The first look at the Spanish team for the Euros make them instant favorites to lift the trophy. They have fresh legs like Alvaro Morata, Saul Miguel and Lucas Vasquez who are ready to prove them on the national level and some older faces that include midfield maestros David Silva, Cesc Fabregas and Andres Iniesta (who might be playing his last Euros). The Spanish team has everything that can make them the champions, but the nerves can get better of them this time just like it did in Brazil two years ago.


It has been a history that great teams have always had the best goalkeeper with them and Spain was blessed as they reaped the services of one of the greatest goalkeepers ever, Iker Casillas who is also playing in this year’s Euros. De Gea Appeared in EURO 2016 stepped right into his shoes and has become Spain’s first choice goalkeeper so they don’t to worry as far as goalkeeper department is concerned because they have the best guy in between the sticks. The performance of David de Gea can be crucial for Spain, especially as he would be tested against the European giants.

The defense also doesn’t pose any problem at all for Spain because they have two of the best center backs Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos. The defenders hail from the fiercest rivals in Spanish club football that is Real Madrid and Barcelona but when it comes to Spain they have been a formidable pair and Apart from defending both of the guys can also pose a threat in the air. When it comes to wingback Spain are blessed with a great pool that includes Jordi Alba, Juan fan, Caravajal and Azpilicueta who can dictate attack for their team in the wide areas.

One thing where Spain can deeply relax about is its midfield as they are blessed with the best midfield in the Europe. The midfield trio of David Silva, Cesc Fabregas and Andres Iniesta who have blunders of creativity with them and to complement them Spain have coke and Sergio Busquets. The attack is also highly blessed by having the likes of Pedro, Morata and the 35-year-old Ariz Aduriz who has played brilliantly for Athletic Bilbao for the last two seasons.


The one particular weakness that can be highlighted in this Spanish squad is having a quality and experienced striker. Alvaro Morata and Aduriz have been impressive but don’t have enough experience of playing at international level. This is where the omission of Diego Costa and Fernando Torres can haunt them.

The stubbornness of Vincent Del Bosque to field new players can also become a weakness of this Spanish team, which was one good reason for the disaster in Brazil. Though Del Bosque, this time, has learned the importance of experimenting, but is still reluctant and wants to stick to the same old policies when it comes to midfield.

Spain’s playing style is well known to all other 24 Countries in EURO 2016. They brand the Tiki Taka that is adapted from the Barcelona way of playing style, but the teams have found a way to deal with it and failing to adapt according to the situation can be fatal for the Spanish team’s chances at this year’s Euros.

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Boxing game For Women

Boxing game For Women – The game of boxing for ladies has been around for any longer than generally figure it out. Boxing for ladies and how to seek after this game as a lady is especially the same with respect to a man. Women’s boxing was initially presented on the world stage as a showing occasion in the Summer Olympic Games in 1904. Sadly for ladies who were occupied with this game it never truly increased any balance and was even banned in most countries for a very long while.

Boxing game For Women

Boxing game For Women

At that point in 1988, the Swedish Amateur Boxing Association gave its first women’s match. She could have a few of her matches broadcast and even made the front of Ring Magazine. However, an outrage broke out with the allegation of her matches being settled and only this was sufficient to murder the game.

With the short history of ladies, boxing comprehended you might consider how you may begin a profession in ladies boxing. There are a few stages that must be taken after in the event that you yearning to be effective. The principal thing that must be refined is you should get into shape. This will require numerous hours of running, weight lifting, and different activities that will improve perseverance. You should have the capacity to build up the muscles required to have the capacity to box. You will likewise need to make the capacity to move around the ring and above all not get hit.

Once these fundamental abilities have been accomplished then the time has come to rehearse. You may wish to select in a boxing class at your neighborhood exercise center or in the event that you are capable you can employ your own one of a kind private mentor and coach. Whichever way you should have the chance to fight with different boxers, either male or female, to pick up the required ring knowledge. In the wake of performing great in this way, it will be an ideal opportunity to climb.

Climbing in the boxing game more often than not will require that you discover neighborhood rivals. In case if you are fruitful in these nearby battles then you may start to accumulate some Basic Boxing Tips for Beginner acknowledgment and consequently, you name will get known. At that point and at exactly that point will you have the chance to start battling on the national stage? Subsequent to contending at this level you then will have the genuine shot of proceeding onward to the universal stage. This is the place the genuine cash can be found.

Presently you have a fundamental thought to see what it takes in boxing for ladies how to seek after this game as a lady. Much like whatever other game the least complex fixing required is the craving to contend. Ensure the craving is there, and then invest the energy and the work to wind up an expert boxer. Furthermore, recollect, not just will you have to build up a deadly punch additionally the capacity to not receive a hit in kind.

Could You Make Money by Playing Online Games?

There goes an anecdote about the football player, Pele, that when he was played for the chief association, he was offered an incredible sum. He was shocked to realize that he would get paid to play a game which was his interest. That he later on impacted the world forever in football neither here nor there.

Presently you can play your game and win cash as well and there are Tips that can be Used in Boxing Gambling on the internet. There are Three Attractive Betting Games to Play at QQGROUP on the net that is free and numerous who charge weighty sums to play the recreations. The craving to play is huge to the point that they wouldn’t fret paying the sum. There are a number of courses by which you can profit on the net by playing games. Give us a chance to attempt to discover those ways:

1) You can vanquish the different levels of the games for which there is prize cash. Contingent on the ubiquity and the trouble, you can win colossal measures of cash.

2) There are continuous rivalries of the recreations everywhere throughout the world particularly in the FIFA, dashing, and boxing games. You can acquire colossal prizes in the event that you are an ace, which is supported by genuine organizations. The rivalries are held once in a while.

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Tips to Avoid Injuries in Sports like Soccer

Tips to Avoid Injuries in Sports like Soccer – Increasing numbers of individuals are indeed playing sports such as soccer. There are numbers of players participating in the said kind of sport. As there is an increase in numbers of those who are playing soccer there might as well numbers of injuries that are at risk too. There is as well a fact that some injuries are inevitable however most are preventable.

Tips to Avoid Injuries in Sports like Soccer

Tips to Avoid Injuries in Sports like Soccer

How to Avoid Some Mistakes? If you want to prevent or reduce numbers of injuries as you play sports, consider some of the following tips:

  • Preseason Conditioning. There are numbers of injuries that might happen during the beginning of the season wherein players might be out of shape. It might be a simple case of doing too soon as well. Players must participate in a certain program of core, leg and endurance strengthening exercises prior to the beginning of the season in order to prepare the bodies for specific muscle movements they are to use during play. You should aim to increase the agility and strength progressively in order for you to be ready for jumping, cutting and high kicking you might do during regular season practices and eventually games.
  • Warm-up, Stretch and Cool Down. Those tight muscles are indeed prone to injury so make sure quads, hamstrings, hips and ankles are stretched prior to the games and practices. You could warm up with a slow jog before you jump into an aggressive play. After games and practices, stretch again and consider taking a walk or jog in order to cool down and return your body to a resting state.
  • Prevention Program for Knee Injuries. Knee injuries such as ACL ruptures are among the most common injuries in Played Sports in the World like soccer. It could also lead to long-term consequences. There are certain exercises that might increase the strength of the knee and range of motion reducing the possibility of such injury.
  • Wear Perfectly Fitting Protective Gears. Shin guards are to protect the vulnerable tibia from debilitating and painful contusions. Cleats are to protect the foot as well as provide the needed traction on muddy or wet fields. You should ensure that they properly fit in order to help prevent blisters as well as incorrect kicking and running form that is considered as a common cause of ankle or foot injuries.
  • Field Maintenance. Most soccer injuries also happen because of poor conditions of the field. Officials are the ones technically responsible for the said matter, however, coaches, parent’s, and players who want to prevent injury might be well-advised to check first the field for rocks, holes, and debris. There is also a need to make sure that goal posts are secured properly. Though it could be rare for you to suffer from injuries due to falling goalposts it might be among the most serious ones as well.
  • Fair Play. Since soccer is considered as a contact sport, players might be vulnerable to injury from rough or overly progressive play. If you adhere to fair play standards being enforced by referee it would help in reducing contact related injuries.
  • Let Previous Injuries Heal. Once a player gets back into practice or game soon, re-injury might definitely happen. This might be dangerous especially to head injury. Make sure that injuries are totally healed first before playing or practicing again. For safety, rest until you are fully ready to be released for a play again.

Indeed, playing sports will always be linked with the chance of suffering from any injuries. But still, there are numbers of Ways to Improve Soccer Skills to prevent these injuries from happening. Those that are mentioned above are just among the most common ways of doing so.

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